Burlington County School Crisis Response Team

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Educational Services Unit, BCSSSD, 20 Pioneer Boulevard, Westampton, NJ 08060 Phone: 609-702-0500 x 7406  |  Fax: 609-702-9033
Board of Chosen Freeholders of Burlington County, New Jersey

Burlington County School Crisis Response Team

The Burlington County School Crisis Response Team is comprised of approximately 80 members. Team members from participating districts represent various disciplines, including school administrators, guidance counselors, school psychologists, social workers, teachers, school nurses, security experts, media relations professionals and other related areas.

 Download the Psychological First Aid For Schools ... Field Operations Guide
This resource made available through the National Child Traumatic Stress Network, National Center for PTSD. Visit the NCTSN website for other resources and information.
Who We Are & What We Do
All members of the team are volunteers who have specialized training in school crisis response and are available to support districts in time of need.

When mobilized for a crisis in your district, teams act as a support system for your staff, students and community. The presence of the Crisis Response Team offers a greater pool of resources to enhance your response within the community.

How Can We Help?

In the event of a crisis, such as a student death, in your district, a single phone call will activate the team response. Members of the Burlington County School Crisis Response Team will arrive ready to provide support at your request. The Team Leader will meet with the designated administrator, who at all times maintains control of the crisis response. The Administrator and Team Leader will discuss the services available and decide which will be implemented to assist your school community through this difficult time.

These services may include :

  • Facilitating a faculty meeting before or after school
  • Preparing an announcement for teachers to share with students in the classroom
  • Establishing and staffing Safe Rooms
  • Assisting with security needs
  • Preparing communications via web postings, letters, etc.
  • Acting as media liaison
  • Arranging parent/community meeting
  • Supporting students and staff where they congregate (i.e. cafeteria, recess, faculty rooms, latch key programs)

Why Engage A County-Wide Team?

All public school districts have developed comprehensive emergency management plans, and most districts have both building-level and district rapid response teams to cover emergent situations. Such teams are essential, as your response in the first crucial moments of a crisis is most important. Consider, however, the vulnerability of your school if key personnel are called away from their normal positions to aid in the sustained stages of handling a crisis in your school.

Are those who best know the impacted students and staff unavailable to them in this time of need? Will the primary responders in your district be among those most profoundly impacted by this event? Burlington County's School Crisis Response Team offers the same level of support to all districts. In addition, it:

  • Keeps "walking wounded" from serving as caregivers
  • Provides a highly-skilled team
  • Offers benefits of increased experience

How to contact us in the event of a crisis

For more information on the
Burlington County
School Crisis Response Team,


Educational Services Unit

Marie Phillips, Administrator

Burlington County

Special Services School District
20 Pioneer Boulevard
Westampton, NJ 08060 - 3824

The Educational Services Unit is the

collaborative effort of 42 Burlington
County School Districts formed in 1997 to
provide high quality shared services and
opportunities to students and staff.

Events Calendar

Upcoming Training Events:
January 27:
Full Team - 9-3 at BCSSSD
Nicci Spinazzola, NJ-DRCC on the topic of Psychological First Aid In Schools

June 9:
Full Team, half-day - 9 a.m. to noon -  BCSSSD
Annual Review; Scenarios
Members: Please make every effort to protect these dates on your calendar as your input and participation is invaluable to the full team.
Need Help Quickly?
In addition to the hotline number - 888-222-2228, youth & young adults in New Jersey can now reach 2NDFLOOR via text, message board, or on the new 2ndFloor app. Apple users can search for 2NDFLOOR at the App store and download the app for free.

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